The Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation

In 1998, the Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation began on stroke prevention and recovery initiatives. Through monthly community stroke screenings, many men and women at high risk of stroke have received life-saving interventions. Stroke victims and their families have been equipped with resources and knowledge to cope with this devastating disease.

Time saves lives, Stroke is a medical emergency

More than 700,000 Americans will suffer a Stroke or “brain attack” – this year. Of this number 200,000 will be recurrent strokes. Stroke prevention is still the best medicine. Learn the risk factors and always “Know your Numbers”.

What is a Stroke?

A Stroke occurs when blood flow to the area of the brain is interrupted. An ischemic Stroke is caused by either a clot or a blocked artery. A Hemorrhagic Stroke is caused by a ruptured artery and blood leaks into the brain.

When blood flow is interrupted to an area in the brain, the brain cells of that area die.