Stroke Awareness Day 2015

Today is the World Stroke Awareness Day, and we jumped on it a bit early with a large Seminar yesterday in Downey delivered by superstar neurologist Dr. Chui. We educated and screened around 200 people as well. Doing our best to reduce stroke in the community! To all our friends: If any day today is the day to get the FAST tool memorized as it is the easiest way of recognizing a stroke and saving a stroke sufferer’s life, as 80% of strokes are preventable, and most of them are survivable if treatment is delivered on time. Knowing FAST can expedite emergency services so clot-busting drugs and tools can be delivered to the sufferer.


Face: Does one side of the face droop, is the face uneven?

Arm: Can the person lift both arms, can they walk and use both legs?

Speech: Is the person’s speech slurred, are the words unintelligible?

Time: Yes to any of the above symptoms? Call 911, every minute counts with stroke

Knowing fast, along with eating a more balanced diet coupled with regular exercise, has worked in tandem to reduce stroke as the number 4 killer to the number 5 killer in the U.S. But unfortunately, stroke remains the number 2 cause of death worldwide. Share this post, talk to your friends and family, spread knowledge about FAST and help to reduce the prevalence of stroke.