The Keck Medical Center of USC offers a highly specialized level of care and treatment for stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders that is unavailable in many community hospitals. Frequently, community hospitals and primary stroke centers will offer immediate, brain-saving treatment in the emergency department and then transfer the patient to a specialty center for a higher level of care. The Keck Hospital of USC (previously USC University Hospital) provides community hospitals with a tertiary/quaternary transfer option via our Rapid Transport Program for patients presenting with acute stroke. Upon arrival at our hospital, the patient is rapidly admitted to our neurocritical care unit dedicated to patients with severe brain or spine injuries where they can receive cutting edge multi-disciplinary care, specialized procedures and surgeries as needed. The collaboration between stroke neurologists, neurointensivists, neurosurgeons, interventional radiologists, neuroradiologists and vascular surgeons, allows us to offer unique treatment options to our patients, including; endovascular procedures to open a blocked artery, surgery to repair a source of bleeding or to bypass a blockage, and exceptional neurocritical care to prevent and manage life-threatening complications.

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