The Way to Go when you Can’t : Priligy the new medicine for premature ejaculation

All about Priligy – the first ever pill to help treat premature ejaculation

Priligy medication is used for premature ejaculation in men. though it says men, i’m sure it can be used for transgender women with penises who either can’t afford to or don’t want to do sexual organ surgery. it promotes ejaculation delay through working with the brain. the age range they suggest people with penises get on it is 18-64. i think that’s a wide range and covers many generations of people.

How its works?

it blocks the ssri and the ssri blocking is also used for anxiety in mental health treatment for all genders. this medication can make you faint and fainting can relate to falls and injury based on what you are doing and where you are before the fainting begins. the suggest to take normal fainting precautions if you notice this side effect happening to need a prescription in order to get this medication. it can’t be bought over the counter.

Side effects

Priligy also has other side effects that can happen. it could bother your breathing it could give allergic reactions like swelling and hives and itching and rashes. they say don’t take the medication if you are woman. however they probably mean don’t take it either if you own a vagina or if you are mostly on oestrogen or producing a lot of feminine hormones. there’s quite a few other ways they don’t want you to take it. if you have these things then you should ask your doctor about getting on an alternative. heart problems, liver problems, low blood pressure, fainting prone, under 18 or over 65, lactose intolerance and also intolerance to some sugars. the reason they say don’t take it as a woman is because it wasn’t tested on women yet and they don’t want patients or customers or people to be taking any chances. they haven’t tested the medication on people under 18 or over 65 and that is the reason they have those specific age restrictions on who the medication is for and who it isn’t for.

They want to make sure you take good medicine practices. don’t use if Priligy is expired. if it’s broken before you opened it, or if it’s damaged in any way. if that is the case you don’t need to see the doctor, just go to the pharmacist you got it from and point it out to them and let them take it from there. they also want you to talk to your doctor about a few things before taking the medication.


If you do recreational drugs they definitely want you to talk to the doctor first. Priligy does not work well with some of the recreational drugs out there so they want to make sure you aren’t doing any contraindicating thing. some medicines are okay to take with this medication, however there is a known side effect of extra dizziness if taken so that is something to pay attention to. this could include valium and any other pain medications. even though ssris are similar to what they treat for anxiety, if you are being treated for depression they want to know because they probably don’t want you on this. probably because it’s too similar to the depression meds and they need to find another alternative.

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