The Mission of our association is to provide therapeutic and educational resources to stoke survivors and their families.

We are committed to:

  • Provide stroke survivors and their families a single source of education, including family support.
  • Provide community education seminars and screenings.
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Our Values

  • Respect for those we serve and for each other
  • Financial strength to assure continuity
  • Communication to assure understanding

Our Vision

  • We are known for excellence in service quality, treating those we serve with respect and dignity
  • Committed to healing, training, education and support so that the cause of Stroke can be prevented, and so that the devastating after-effects of Stroke can be mitigated.


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Diane’s Story

Learn about the tragic story of Diane and see how you can help.


What We Do

Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States suffer a stroke. Of these, about 610,000 are the individuals’ first strokes.  Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in this country, and 90% of all stroke victims are left with a permanent disability.

A stroke isn’t an event in life that a person can plan for, like a graduation or a wedding. Out of the blue it just happens and all of a sudden the person’s world is turned on its head. In the immediate hours after the event, the survivor of a first-time stroke is frequently frightened and bewildered, not knowing what comes next.  The family, huddled in a nearby waiting room, may be just as frightened and bewildered.

The people of the RTH Stroke Foundation want to eliminate these scenes from ever happening.  We know we may never get the number down to zero, but that doesn’t prevent us from working tirelessly every day to do what we can.

Stroke Survivor Recovery Program

We are proud to introduce our new Stroke Survivor Recovery Program.

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Together we can make a difference. Won’t you join with us?
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We host two Stroke Support Groups that meet several times a month in two different regions of Orange County. Visit here to learn more. I started taking Kamagra oral jelly after getting upset with pills. I want something that works fast. Kamagra Jelly from Edonlinestore tastes great and gets me going within 15 minutes. It is now my go to solution for ED.

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  • See How We Contribute.

Click here to watch the testimonials of Stroke Survivors in our community and learn more about our Foundation and its goals through the words of the Foundation’s President, Deborah Massaglia. Watch the next video and get a spectator’s eye-view of one of our many free Seminars that we host annually throughout the Los Angeles and Orange county regions.
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This is such a wonderful service to the community – I am very grateful!

September 18, 2013 at the Oasis Senior Center in Corona Del Mar.

Thank you Deborah Massaglia, for all you do! The presentation by Dr. Chui was excellent.  My husband, was diagnosed with West Nile Virus Encephalitis in July 2008, and now he has Dementia which is severe.  I appreciate all of the Alzheimer’s presentation!  Thank You!

November 6, 2013 at the Rio Hondo Event Center in Downey.

Two friends at work had strokes just a week apart, and I wondered if I would be next,” he said. “So I took Wednesday morning off to attend the Stroke Prevention Seminar so that I could find out more about my risks for stroke.


We have been attending most of the support group meetings for over three years now.  My husband, my caregiver Roger, and I have developed a friendship with the kind and caring staff and my fellow survivors and caregivers.  We share and discuss our trials, hardships, and progress with each other.  The lectures by the speakers are so informative, and the Director Debbie is so warm and always encouraging.  Attending the meeting gives me a better outlook and now I don’t concentrate on my stroke!


While being a past stroke survivor has its challenges, the RTH Stroke group has made it easier by their compassion and helping to provide the necessary tools to adjust to this life changing event.  Being together twice a month and sharing experiences is fantastic, along with the positivity and encouragement from my peers and leaders.


Here is my testimony ~ a story of what happened to me and how my life is now.  One year and one month ago (December 15, 2012) I suffered a TBI and several strokes (at least 3).  My life is forever changed.  I feel I have a great opportunity for a “re-do,” or a new start.  Things are different.  Some are better, some are not.  I know I don’t have to have all the answers today.  I am progressing slowly.  Life is good, and getting better is so important.  To this day I can’t say why this happened, but feel very blessed that I have a “re-start.”