The Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation

The Roxanna Todd Hodges mission statement

The mission of the Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation (RTHF) is to provide educational and therapeutic resources and support to stroke patients and their families, as well as to provide financial support for educational programs, screenings and seminars that focus on stroke prevention and awareness. To fulfill our mission, we envision a comprehensive stroke center that:

  • Provides stroke sufferers and their families a single source of care, including medical care and family support.
  • Offers carefully trained therapists who will work with stroke patients to enable them to leads full and productive lives.
  • Allows patients and family members a source for educational information and emotional support, regardless of age, race or economic status.

We are committed to healing, training, education and support so that the causes of strokes, a leading and debilitating cause of disability and death, can be prevented, and so that the often devastating after-effects of a stroke can be mitigated.