Posttraumatic Growth – A Possible Light In The Aftermath Of Stroke

A recent article published by The Huffington Post Australia and written by stroke survivor David Roland, details how life after a traumatic event can – if the sufferer chooses it, become more positive. In the article, David Roland explains how the advent of his stroke made him question the bigger things in life, such as who he wanted to be and who he wanted to spend time with. David then went on further to explain that after the ‘dark years’ of questioning and healing had passed, he grew to appreciate the person he had become, rather than the person he was. The phenomena is known as ‘Posttraumatic Growth’ in which essentially the sufferer of a traumatic event becomes stronger and more positive as a result of the trauma. Roland finished off by explaining that now he’s learned to appreciate the simpler things in life that we all take for granted. For a link to this insightful article that would be of value to any stroke survivor reeling from a recent stroke, see the url below.